Optimized team work and procedure development


The aviation industry has fought hard to get rid of the concept of the “zero error” illusion. The concept suggests that no one is flawless. We will never get staff who never make mistakes, no matter how well we recruit, train and motivate them. Of course, some people make fewer mistakes, but no one is flawless.

If we want to work with staff who carry out their tasks with the least possible errors, all processes and procedures must be built so that it is difficult to make mistakes, but easy to do right.

If you want to reach an error level close to zero, you must allow two or more people to cross-check the most critical moments. However, it is not so simple to ask two people to check the same thing and then assume that the check will find all the errors. People affect each other both subtly and subconsciously. Our environment can easily lead us to pitfalls.

Crew Resource Management training can teach your staff to identify and avoid these pitfalls and their consequences.

With our expertise in human factors regarding errors and communication, as well as the company's detailed knowledge of your operations, we can work together to create processes and procedures that helps people to avoid critical errors and losses.

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